Swing or Sliding Shower- Which one is the best?

According to the people who are going to install shower enclosure in their bathroom, they often get confused to choose from either swing shower enclosure or sliding shower enclosure. The fact is that both swing and sliding shower enclosures are really awesome. The main reason to choose within this sliding & swing shower enclosure is its design and function.

Swing shower enclosures are known for their facility to swing outward to open. This swing shower enclosures are installed using hinges for the door. Swing shower enclosures are easy to use for any style of bathroom. Its large opening which can be opened to outward to a 90-degree, they provide a safe opening. Swing shower enclosure type of shower glass are easy to maintain too.

Sliding shower, as the name itself we have to slide from one side to another. The sliding shower enclosures are installed with a track fitting. This is a best option for smaller bathroom spaces. This shower enclosures provide home owners with the most effective use of their space.

From bathroom size and door functionality to design aesthetic and cleaning requirements, both sliding shower enclosure and swing showers enclosures have so much to offer.

You can choose sliding/ swing showers enclosure according to your convenience, both are good options. Therefore; the size of your bathroom, if you require larger shower opening, easy cleaning and maintenance requirement etc. are some factors you can consider if you really confused to choose between these two.

Above all, UAE Fixer has highly professional technical team who can guide you from choosing the suitable shower enclosure for your bathroom.

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